Why You Should Use Our Pellets

Our premium wood pellets will save you money and time.  Maeder Brother Quality Wood Pellets are packaged in easy to store and use 40 lb. bags.  Simply open the bag, pour the pellets into the pellet stove and warm your home! 

In addition to being easy to use, our pellets are clean, allergy free, safe for the environment, and efficient.  One of our 40 lb. bags will heat your home or business up to 24 hours.  The chart below compares national averages for heating cost.  For additional information on fuel costs in your area visit Pellet Fuels Institute.

Maeder Wood Pellets Cost per million BTU
Cost per ton = $200 $15.24
Fuel Oil Cost per million BTU
Cost per gallon = $3.26 $30.29
Electricity Cost per million BTU
Cost per kWh = $.10 $29.31
LP Gas / Propane Cost per million BTU
Cost per gallon = $2.79 $39.16

At Maeder Brothers Wood Pellets we use wood chips and sawdust that is produced by our sawmill and a select few local mills so we know what goes into our pellets.
Maeder Wood Pellets are made from the following types of hardwood. 

Ash One of the best burning woods, Ash provides both flame and heat. 
Cherry Provides a pleasant scent, burns slowly and lots of heat.
Maple A good fuel wood.
Oak Slow burning and an excellent heat source. 


  • Michigan Based Company
  • Save On In State Shipping
  • Keeps Jobs In Michigan
  • Easy To Maintain - no creosote buildup
  • Easy To Use- just pour in furnace for up to 24 hours of heat